• Ich bin Transhumanist
    Arbeiten am und Warten auf den nächsten Schritt.
  • Post-It #34
    The history of the NRA, the future of medicine, the inherent dangers of biotechnology, space funding, and Tesla.
  • Google's authentication-less, on-the-fly image resizing service
    Did you know Google runs a free an open image resizing service? I certainly didn't.
  • On "evolving languages"
  • Post-It #33
    Standing up for your truths, videogame movie adaptions, videogames violence, the history of Boing Boing and a paraplegic woman controlling robotic limbs with her brain.
  • Post-It #32
    Counting those Stephen Colberts, new spacesuits, stem cell research tripling mice life spans, and the mystery of the dark night sky explained.
  • Post-It #31
    Your favourite new Dropbox tool, gun control in Japan, why Germany is still on top, Python-less docco, Instagram, and a video short about Earth seen from space.
  • RSS Feed Changes
    Adios, Feedburner.
  • Blocking those ads on Xbox Live
    Building a fire-and-forget ad blocker using OpenDNS.
  • Apple users are from Mars, Android users are from Venus
    It's the godsdamn console wars all over again, I swear.