Ephemera is now open source

I wrote Ephemera a) to learn MacRuby and b) to scratch an itch I had. Since then the iPad was released, and the itch is gone – I don’t read news on my Kindle anymore. Still, Ephemera has a good number of users, but even though I had planned to I simply don’t have the time to develop it any further. I don’t feel like abandoning it so I’ve decided to release its codebase as COSS (crappy open source software).


I sure hope someone else will pick it up and run with it! I’m a bit torn about “setting it free” like this; on the one hand I had planned to add new features and fix some of it’s bugs but on the other hand I have to face the fact that I simply don’t have enough time in the foreseeable future to pursue those goals. I hope you, the users, can understand that.

Notes about the source code and its license (WTFPL!) etc. can be found in the README.

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