Withings Activité Pop with Custom Leather Armband

My original Withings Activité Pop silicone armband broke, and while I did want to class it up a mite with a replacement band, I really didn't »

Using Keyboard Maestro to bookmark Chrome URLs in Evernote

Replacing the Evernote Web Clipper Chrome extension with a Keyboard Maestro macro for better bookmarking. I like Evernote a lot. It's my external memory — I put »

These Amazing 12 Alternatives To The Word "Awesome" Will Stun You IN THE FACE

Awesome. Everything's awesome. Everybody's awesome. So much awesome. All the time, 24/7, maybe more! And I get it: this is the 21st century. All the »

Review: Weather Timeline (Android)

Ever since I switched from iOS to Android a few months back, I was on the lookout for a usable weather app that uses Forecast.io's »

Ich bin Transhumanist

Arbeiten am und Warten auf den nächsten Schritt. Ich bin Transhumanist. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass wir uns in unserer Evolution an der Schwelle zu einer »

Post-It #34

The history of the NRA, the future of medicine, the inherent dangers of biotechnology, space funding, and Tesla. Today's links are a few months old already, »

Google's authentication-less, on-the-fly image resizing service

Did you know Google runs a free and open image resizing service? I certainly didn't. While lazily poking around the Google+ HTML I found an interesting »

On "evolving languages"

"Awesome" is the new "good". "Amazing" is the new "nice". "X totally destroyed/killed Y" is the new "Y is slightly inconvenienced by X". "The best »

Post-It #33

Standing up for your truths, videogame movie adaptions, videogames violence, the history of Boing Boing and a paraplegic woman controlling robotic limbs with her brain. Sanding »

Post-It #32

Counting those Stephen Colberts, new spacesuits, stem cell research tripling mice life spans, and the mystery of the dark night sky explained. One of the great »